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at Kings Cross

Feel free to dress casually or dress up—it’s up to you! Our diverse group of attendees ensures you’ll feel comfortable no matter what you wear. Ample parking is available, and our flags and signage will guide you to the front door facing 291 Hwy.

Upon entering, our friendly greeters will warmly welcome you and hold the door open. To your right, glimpse our Sanctuary through a glass wall. Grab a delicious cup of Scout Coffee at the coffee station on your left. Signs will help you navigate, and our greeters are available inside to answer any questions. They can assist with Kids check-in, bathrooms, and guide you to the worship center. They can even introduce you to one of our pastors if desired.

During the Service

Join us for a warm and welcoming service! We start with a heartfelt call to worship—welcome, Bible reading, or uplifting prayer. We sing joyful songs with Gospel reminders. Enjoy scripture readings and practical sermons revealing wisdom and insights about humanity and God.

Each week, we have meaningful communion, receive prayer as we sing, then hear quick announcements and a heartfelt sending prayer to conclude. Services last just over an hour, providing a friendly space to connect with God and fellow worshippers.

We can’t wait to have you join us for this uplifting experience!

After the Service

Once the service is over, head to the Lobby and make sure to stop by the Welcome Counter on your right. Our team there would love to meet you, answer any questions you have, and help you get connected.

Pro tip: if you’d like to save time, you can fill out a Welcome Card and start getting connected right away.

We also invite you to exit through the back door in the lobby, which leads to the parking lot. Before you leave, take a quick trip downstairs and join us in our fellowship hall. You can grab some fresh coffee and enjoy a delicious Lamar’s donut. Whether you choose to grab and go or stick around and chat with others, you’ll find our people to be friendly and engaging.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

New Family Check-in

at Kings Kids

We have Kids Classes available for them during the service (pro tip: avoid the crowds by arriving early and heading down the hall to the left of the lobby to the Kids Check-in area). Alternatively, kids are welcome to sit in the services anytime!

We’re so glad you’re here