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The Discipleship Pathway


In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus commanded the church to “go and make disciples”. He did not say that the churches job was to market your church and provide some interesting opportunities for involvement.

Jesus was giving his authority and power to begin a disciple-making movement that would 1.) Be extremely effective in making disciples of all nations. 2.) Be marked by maturing fully formed disciples by “teaching then to observe all that I have commanded you. 

Jesus, even promised to inhabit this disciple making with his very presence (“And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”). Our mission is to make fully formed disciples of King Jesus, who live on his mission, for the glory of God and the good of Kansas City! That is our never changing mission at King’s Cross!

Our Discipleship Pathway is our disciple-making map that helps our people see what we are doing, why we do it, and how to get involved in any area.

Connect & Worship

  • Sunday Worship
  • Connecting- First Steps, Party of 8, Membership
  • Special Events- DWELL Worship Night, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve
  • Men’s & Women’s Ministry- workshops, meals, retreats
  • Seminars- Marriage, Parenting, Financial Peace
  • Serve Teams- Use your skills to bless the church

Cultivate Community

  • Discipleship Groups
  • Community Groups
  • EQUIP Groups
  • Organic groups

Get Equipped

Why the Kingdom Institute?

These environments are potent, purposeful, and strategic environments where the intensity of discipleship and leader development is turned up so that believers can traverse into new season of effective ministry. Neither of our Group environments are able to apply the instruction, mentorship, and practices that raise up qualified leaders ready to impact the world and see God’s kingdom abound. Classes are for all attenders, Cohorts for all members, & Fellowships & Residency by application only. 

Change the world

Global Missions & Church Planting

    • Kansas City Church Planter Gathering
    • Liberia Church Planting Network
    • Missionary Partners

City Partnerships

      • Foster & Adoption (training, Foster Parent Night Out, Drumm Farm
      • College Ministry- Max & Chloe Hill
      • Recovery Ministry – HIA

Traveling Ministry

    • Disaster Recovery
    • Church Strengthening


Please read through our questions & answers to gain a better understanding of the Discipleship Pathway.

What is a Discipleship Group?

A Discipleship Group is a small group of people of the same sex that meet weekly to:

1.) Check-in personally for encouragement and accountability.

2.) Open God’s word to study the scriptures together.

3.) Seek God in prayer together often. These groups are centered on God’s word and have a high focus on study, and seeking God together. Fellowship and fun are not the focus but are encouraged in these environments also. (Formation>Fellowship)

What is a Community Group?

A Community Group is a mixed group of people from a certain area that meet regularly to fellowship, break bread, care for one another, have fun together, go serve the city, open the bible, and pray together. Each group decides what the format of the group is going to be and exists either perpetually, by school year, or by semester. (Fellowship>Formation)

What is a EQUIP Group?

A 10-month long Group (of 3-6 people of the same gender) that travels through 10 books based on the Bible’s most clear commands of a disciple. In this cohort you will develop deep friendships and experience a tight relational community that will support one another on this journey. You will learn what the bible teaches about prayer, God’s word, basic Christian Doctrine, evangelism, being a healthy church member, stewardship, your work as worship to God, and much more. EQUIP is a prerequisite to most of our leadership opportunities.

Why do we do Seminars?

Marriage, Parenting, Singles, Finances, Missional Living. These are occasional seminars that run 3 consecutive week on a Thursday night to focus on one really important topic.

Why do we do Special Events?

Special Worship environments such as Christmas Eve, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, Dwell Worship Nights, and Prayer Meetings are unique worship environments that help us engage Christ in a unique was. Serving events such as Trunk or Treat, Drumm Farm Serve Day, and Fall Fest help our people engage with the world around us and bless our city. Events such as Chili Bowl, Jump Park Night, Summer Bonfires and others are about FUN & FELLOWSHIP! Which we highly value as a basis for a healthy community. Finally, our Men’s and Women’s Retreats and events are vital to a operational and effective discipleship culture. They not only increase fellowship and ministry, they also help us set values and vision regarding discipleship through out the year.

Why continue Discipleship groups?

Discipleship Groups are great environments for a maturing Christian to take a exponential step into growth and maturity. The focus on formation and application with accountability eclipses man other small group environments to consecrate people to an obedient life. We have also found that these gender specific groups have great advantages in dealing with hidden sin and trauma.

Why continue Community groups?

Community Groups once the staple of discipleship at our church subsided during the pandemic. Remerged as a bible study of older members, and more recently younger members where encouraged to start their own after we heard that the desires for this environment are still present. Community groups are mixed gendered. They can also be/but are not necessarily Discipleship Groups that are also Community Groups. They have a heavy emphasis on belonging (not to say formation isn’t happening there) that allows people who may not have time or the ability to commit to a normal discipleship group to be a part of a group and yet still be pushed to grow and live according to God’s word.

What is the purpose of Sunday Worship?

Our corporate worship gatherings achieve many things.

1.) It is the primary big group gathering in which the church is united in one identity to push back the darkness and worship God publically.

2.) It is the biggest open door into our church community we have weekly so that people can come and join our church and/or hear the gospel and experience Christian hospitality.

3.) It is a place where through beautifully crafted musical worship, life-giving liturgical elements, and the sacraments people can be renewed in their faith and life.

4.) It is a regular intentional time to minister to people through the ministry of prayer.

5.) Through the preaching/teaching of the word our discipleship environments find their doctrine, their vision, and their empowerment to function properly.

6.) In the proclamation of the Gospel, lost souls see and believe in Jesus, and darkness is repelled from the lives of our people.

7.) Through our children’s ministry, parents are supported in their call to raise their children in Christ through an intentional and effective King’s Kids ministry.

8.) Members are able to step out into their giftings, and bless one another through service, leaders are able to express their leadership, and everyone is able to experience the body of Christ operating together.

9.) Before and after service are potent times for connection, fellowship, and friendships to develop so that disciple-making environments can easily develop.